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ID Name Other Names States Genealogy
Afghanistan Genealogy
Åland Islands Genealogy
Albania Genealogy
Algeria Genealogy
American Samoa Genealogy
Andorra Genealogy
Angola Genealogy
Anguilla Genealogy
Antigua and Barbuda Genealogy
Argentina Genealogy
Armenia Genealogy
Aruba Genealogy
Australia Genealogy
Austria Genealogy
Azerbaijan Genealogy
Bahamas Genealogy
Bahrain Genealogy
Bangladesh Genealogy
Barbados Genealogy
Belarus Genealogy

This field contains a 3-character abbreviation for the country which is used to refer to this record. Except when adding a new country this is a read-only field.

The name of the country in English.

Clicking on this button opens a dialog to edit the name of the country in other languages.

Enter text to search for in the country names.

This button is used to delete a country record from the list.

This button is used to display a dialog for editing the lower level administrative units of the country, that is the states or provinces.

Click on this button to add another country into the list.
Click on this button to update the database to include the changes you have made to the countries list.


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