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ID Nom Autre Noms États Généalogie
Généalogie Afghanistan
Généalogie Åland Islands
Généalogie Albania
Généalogie Algeria
Généalogie American Samoa
Généalogie Andorra
Généalogie Angola
Généalogie Anguilla
Généalogie Antigua and Barbuda
Généalogie Argentina
Généalogie Armenia
Généalogie Aruba
Généalogie Australia
Généalogie Austria
Généalogie Azerbaijan
Généalogie Bahamas
Généalogie Bahrain
Généalogie Bangladesh
Généalogie Barbados
Généalogie Belarus

This field contains a 3-character abbreviation for the country which is used to refer to this record. Except when adding a new country this is a read-only field.

Le nom du pays en Anglais.

Appuyer sur cet bouton pour ouvrir un dialogue pour voir les noms du pays en autre langages.

Enter text to search for in the country names.

This button is used to delete a country record from the list.

This button is used to display a dialog for editing the lower level administrative units of the country, that is the states or provinces.

Click on this button to add another country into the list.
Click on this button to update the database to include the changes you have made to the countries list.