Addresses Master List

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50 Addresses match the specified pattern and kind[s].

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IDAR Kind Address
149 Repo (unpublished)
17 Repo Alberta Municipal Services
531 Repo American Battle Monuments Commission
125 Repo Ancestry File
504 Repo
67 Repo Andrew Faulds
518 Repo
243 Repo Archives of British Columbia
524 Repo Archives of Ontario
260 Repo Batie Family History, The
522 Repo Bibliotheque et Archives nationales de Quebec
265 Repo Bridging the centuries : Shackleton, Abbey, Lancer, Portreeve. Vol. 2
246 Repo Brigham Young University Family History Resources
255 Repo Calverley Parish Church Records
509 Repo Canada GenWeb
225 Repo Canadian County Atlas Digital Project
158 Repo Canadian County Atlas Project
530 Repo
269 Repo Cann Smith
81 Repo Elgin County Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society

This is a regular expression, as supported by MySQL, which is used to limit the addresses to be displayed. See Henry Spencer"s regex page.

If this checkbox is selected then the report contains addresses of repositories of source documents.

If this checkbox is selected then the report contains addresses of events.

If this checkbox is selected then the report contains mailing addresses of individuals in the database.

Clicking on this button updates the report based upon changes you have made to the search options.

Clicking on this button permits you to explicitly add a repository address. Note that event addresses are added in the event dialog, and mailing addresses are added in the edit individual dialog.

Click on this button to delete an address from the table. Note that although the table row is removed from visibility, the record is not deleted until you click on the Search button.


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