Persons with the Surname 'Shipley'

The Shipley Family Record


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139 individuals have the surname 'Shipley'.

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Mary Shipley (25 Jan 1835—20 Dec 1927)
Florence Shipley (about 1871—)
Mary Ann Shipley (15 Mar 1855—10 Jul 1941)
Carrie Deborah Elizabeth Shipley (25 Jul 1881—)
Ada Josephine Shipley (12 May 1903—Private)
Albert Lionel Shipley (17 Sep 1867—)
Ann Shipley (8 Oct 1834—21 Mar 1910)
Ann Shipley (11 Mar 1839—25 Dec 1918)
Ann Elizabeth Shipley (about 1867—)
Ann Louise Shipley (about 1845—1915)
Ann T. Shipley (5 Jul 1845—)
Annie Ada Shipley (24 Dec 1872—)
Annie Jean Shipley (14 Jul 1906—)
Annie May Shipley (26 Mar 1876—)
Bertha Agnes Shipley (25 Jun 1872—1943)
Carrie Madeline Shipley (30 Aug 1912—)
Charles Alfred Shipley (10 Oct 1868—)
Chester Mordue Shipley (26 Jul 1889—Private)
Christopher Shipley (about 1860—)
Christopher James Shipley (20 Oct 1858—1934)
Clarence Thomas Shipley (16 Nov 1902—20 Jun 1903)
Dorothy Shipley (about 1916—)
Edward Shipley (about 1841—)
Edward R. Shipley (about 1831—11 Sep 1882)
Edward Thomas Shipley (about 1859—1931)
Edythe Isabel Shipley (14 Nov 1871—1949)
Eleanor Shipley (7 Dec 1832—3 Feb 1914)
Eleanor Shipley (20 Feb 1837—22 Jul 1916)
Eleanor Jane Shipley (6 Jan 1863—)
Elisabeth Shipley (about 1863—)
Elizabeth Shipley (about 1824—)
Elizabeth Shipley (27 Mar 1833—22 Feb 1923)
Elizabeth Shipley (about 1847—1929)
Elizabeth Shipley (about 1854—)
Elizabeth Shipley (27 Jul 1891—)
Elizabeth Anne Shipley (5 Jun 1890—Private)
Elliott Edward Shipley (17 Aug 1898—Private)
Emily Lena Shipley (6 May 1869—)
Ethel Isabella Shipley (18 Sep 1875—)
Eva Deborah Shipley (3 Jun 1910—)
Flora Shipley (about 1877—Private)
Florence Shipley (17 Sep 1876—1944)
Frederick Allister Shipley (4 May 1891—)
George Shipley (about 1806—about Aug 1889)
George Shipley (about 1839—)
George Shipley (about 1862—5 May 1902)
George Lionel Shipley (about 1860—)
George Marsh Shipley (31 Mar 1852—9 Apr 1922)
George Stewart Shipley (about 1872—)
George W. Shipley (—)
Gertrude Susanah Shipley (17 May 1900—)
Hannah Shipley (about 1847—)
Harold Stewart Shipley (15 Aug 1906—)
Harry Wilkinson Shipley (8 Mar 1905—)
Helen Field Shipley (about 1872—)
Helen Rutherford Shipley (3 Jun 1900—Private)
Henrietta Shipley (28 Mar 1873—)
Henry David Shipley (23 Jul 1875—21 Jun 1892)
Henry James Shipley (30 May 1873—about 1874)
Hulda Jane Shipley (25 Sep 1877—3 Oct 1878)
Ida Isabella Shipley (16 Oct 1867—)
Irene Shipley (19 Jul 1879—between 1879 and 1880)
Isabella Shipley (about 1873—)
Isabella Shipley (1 Apr 1887—)
James Shipley (about 1839—4 Aug 1895)
James Shipley (about 1865—)
James Shipley (about Feb 1874—22 Mar 1874)
James C. Shipley (31 Jan 1858—1947)
James T. Shipley (about 1857—1935)
James William Shipley (about 1835—18 Sep 1872)
James William Shipley (13 Feb 1870—)
Jane Shipley (about 1829—)
Jane Shipley (about 1844—)
Jean Mather Shipley (22 Jan 1888—1910)
Jeanette Shipley (about 1862—)
John Shipley (about 1830—)
John Shipley (5 Sep 1848—18 Mar 1926)
John Shipley (about 1856—)
John Shipley (about 1856—)
John Shipley (about 1873—)
John Alton "Jack" Shipley (27 Jun 1915—)
John Bell Shipley (23 Jun 1829—)
John Boyce Shipley (26 Sep 1905—)
John Dodd Neuman Shipley (1 Oct 1865—)
John Edward Shipley (2 Aug 1879—1 Apr 1932)
John T. Shipley (26 Sep 1835—15 Dec 1910)
John Thomas Shipley (10 Feb 1868—1945)
John Thomas Shipley (16 Feb 1886—)
John William Shipley (20 Aug 1820—31 Oct 1915)
John William Shipley (26 May 1842—14 Jul 1919)
Joseph Shipley (about 1862—)
Joseph Henry Shipley (15 Sep 1896—17 Sep 1896)
Joseph L. Shipley (about 1864—)
Kenneth Shipley (Mar 1908—)
Lawrence Priestly Shipley (25 Sep 1901—2 Apr 1902)
Linda C. Shipley (Jul 1866—Private)
Lionel Shipley (about 1792—17 Oct 1878)
Lionel Shipley (about 1831—15 Sep 1889)
Lionel Shipley (about 1858—)
Lionel George Shipley (about Sep 1827—9 Dec 1876)
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