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Details Type Source Name Citation Count
Book 1879 Historical Atlas of Perth County 2
Census/Tax records 1880 Census of USA 367
Book 1880 Historical Atlas of Lambton County 10
1881 Census of Canada 34,682
1881 Census of United Kingdom 223
1891 Census of Canada 24,130
1891 Census of United Kingdom 71
1895 Census of Minnesota 5
Census/Tax records 1900 Census of USA 357
Census/Tax records 1901 Census of Canada 50,224
Census/Tax records 1901 Census of United Kingdom 82
Census/Tax records 1906 Census of Canada, Prairies 91
Census/Tax records 1910 Census of USA 194
Census/Tax records 1911 Census of Canada 18,829
Census/Tax records 1911 Census of United Kingdom 16
Census/Tax records 1916 Census of Canada, Prairies 54
Census/Tax records 1920 Census of USA 109
Census/Tax records 1921 Census of Canada 3,732
Census/Tax records 1930 Census of USA 71
Census/Tax records 1940 Census of USA 4
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