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Abray, Dorothy Marguerite (14 Mar 1911—) daughter of George Arthur Abray and Margaret Ellen McCrae on 4 Nov 1908 at Manse, Vanneck, Lobo & London, Middlesex, ON, CA

Abray, John Wesley (23 Jan 1894—) son of Peter O. Abray and Annie Melissa Nixon on 26 Feb 1880 at 640 Waterloo St, London, ON, CA

Allen, Edith (about 1876—) daughter of Ambrose Allen and Malvina Desjardins , and wife of Alexander Morrison

Amos, Florence Lillian (16 Jul 1910—) daughter of James Edwin Amos and Salome Arcoat on 14 Oct 1890 at McGillivray, Middlesex, ON, CA

Bartlett, William (11 Feb 1847—20 Dec 1936) husband of Elizabeth Griffith

Bell, Dwight Richard (11 Oct 1911—) son of Leo Edwin Bell and Mary Kathleen Gammon on 1 Jun 1904 at Aldborough, Elgin, ON, CA

Flanagan, Mary Jane (—) wife of William Bell

Bell, William (—) husband of Mary Jane Flanagan

Burdon, Harvey Reginald (22 Jun 1911—) son of Albert Burdon and Annie May Tanner

Burnett, Mary Lucille (21 Apr 1911—) daughter of William Oliver Burnett and Annie Louisa Lambourne on 4 Jul 1907 at London, ON, CA

Cary, Edith Maude (5 Aug 1911—) daughter of George Arthur Cary and Maud Evelyn Sinker on 5 Jun 1906 at Masonville, London, Middlesex, ON, CA

Wifeofthomascassells, Eliza (—) wife of Thomas Cassells

Cassells, Thomas (—) husband of Eliza Wifeofthomascassells

Caughlin, Sarah Isabel (25 Mar 1911—) daughter of Wilbert Caughlin and Mabel Genevieve Jackson on 22 Jun 1910 at Melrose, London, Middlesex, ON, CA

Wifeofwilliamclarke, Elizabeth (—) wife of William Clarke


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