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You can publish your family tree on this site in a style which looks like a traditional book, but adds all of the dynamic capabilities of the Web and protects your family from identity theft by ensuring that only people you authorize can see details about anyone less than 105 years old.

This field contains a 4-character identifier of the administrative domain for which these registrations were recorded. The only meaningful value at present is 'CACW' which identifies Canada West.

This field identifies the specific volume in which the original marriage registrations are stored.

This field identifies the specific report within the volume of original marriage registrations. Each report contains information about marriages performed by a particular minister of religion or marriage commissioner (Justice of the Peace) for a year.

This field identifies the specific marriage within an annual report by its position within the report. The first marriage in a report is 1.

This field identifies the role of each spouse within the marriage. The groom is identified by 'B' and the bride by 'G'.

This field contains the given names of a spouse.

This field contains the surname of a spouse.

This field specifies the residence of a spouse.

This field specifies the date of the marriage.

This field specifies the authorization or qualification of the marriage. It is either 'L' for by license, or 'B' by Banns.

This field specifies the name of a witness.

This field permits adding remarks. Any remarks on the original form can be included here, and editorial remarks can be included enclosed in square brackets to indicate they are not on the original document.

This button is used to display a dialog for detailed information about a single marriage. At the moment this is implemented just by displaying the two spouses using this same page.

This button is used to delete a marriage registration from the list. This deletes two rows from the display, one for each spouse.

Click on this button to update the database to include the changes you have made to the list of marriage registrations.