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By registering you are agreeing to accept the use of "cookies" that are used to keep track of your session and validate your authorization to access services which are only available to registered users.

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In this field enter the user name by which you wish to be known to the service. You will use this name each time you sign on to contribute to or access private contents of the web site. This should be something that is easy for you to remember, but that does not reveal private information about yourself such as your e-mail address. Your user name must be at least 6 characters long. It may not contain '<', '>', '@', or '&'. It may contain any other characters including spaces. Spaces entered at the beginning or end of the user name are ignored. For example "Αλεξανδρος Μεγαλος" is a valid user name as is "Ива́н Гро́зный"

Enter the password you wish to use to verify your identity when you sign on to contribute to the web site. This should be something that it would be difficult for someone else to guess so it should not contain information that is publicly known about you. Your browser will probably assist you to remember this value. The password must be at least 6 characters long and may be up to 64 characters long and can contain any characters including spaces that you can enter. As you enter the password a running score will be displayed of the strength of the password. It is up to you to protect your privacy. The value of the password is not displayed.

You must enter the password for the user name twice to avoid possible typing errors which would make the user name inaccessable. The value of the new password is not displayed.

Click on this button to generate a random password constructed from the 95 printable ASCII characters including space. The value of this generated password is displayed in the following field from which you can copy it to the New and Repeat New Password fields.

This is where the Generate Password button displays the generated password which you can copy to the New and Repeat New Password fields.

Specify the e-mail address associated with the account. This e-mail address is used only for communicating with you with regard to your account. Under no circumstances will your e-mail address be given to any third party without your express permission.

If this is checked then messages will be sent to the associated e-mail address regarding changes in the web-site such as new features and capabilities. Generally this will be no more frequently than once a month. These notices will also be posted to the web-site so if you do not wish to receive e-mail notices, you will still have access to the information. If you clear this checkbox then the only e-mail you will receive will be the one used to verify the existence of your e-mail address.

If this option is checked then the feature to pop up element specific help if the mouse if held over a button or input field for more than 2 seconds is turned off.

Clicking on this button with the mouse registers the new account. You may also apply the changes by pressing the Enter key while the focus is in any input text field in the form, or by pressing the key combinations ctrl-S or alt-R.

Clicking on this button with the mouse closes the dialog without making any changes to the account. As a short-cut you may also close the dialog by pressing the key combination alt-C.

Clicking on this button with the mouse closes the error dialog.

Click on this button to close the dialog.