1871 Census of Canada Query Response

<--- ---> dist 7 Middlesex West, subdist E Caradoc div 4 page 28
Action Page Line Province Name B.Year Birth Place Occupation Sub-District
28 01 ON Marshman, Ben 1818 England Farmer Caradoc
28 02 ON Marshman, Catherine 1822 Ireland Caradoc
28 03 ON McKellar, Isabella 1786 Ireland Caradoc
28 04 ON Cooper, James 1831 Ontario Farmer Caradoc
28 05 ON Cooper, Agnes 1834 Ireland Caradoc
28 06 ON Cooper, Elizabeth 1856 Ontario Caradoc
28 07 ON Cooper, Thomas H. 1860 Ontario Caradoc
28 08 ON Cooper, John 1862 Ontario Caradoc
28 09 ON Cooper, William 1867 Ontario Caradoc
28 10 ON Cooper, Sarah Jane 1869 Ontario Caradoc
28 11 ON Cooper, Elenor 1802 Ireland Caradoc
28 12 ON O'Bryan, John 1820 Ireland Laborer Caradoc
28 13 ON Henderson, Mary 1854 Ireland Laborer Caradoc
28 14 ON Cooper, William 1824 Ireland Farmer Caradoc
28 15 ON Cooper, Eliza 1830 Ontario Caradoc
28 16 ON Cooper, Caroline 1852 Ontario Caradoc
28 17 ON Cooper, Ellen Jane 1854 Ontario Caradoc
28 18 ON Cooper, William John 1856 Ontario Caradoc
28 19 ON Cooper, Emeline 1858 Ontario Caradoc
28 20 ON Cooper, Christopher C. 1860 Ontario Caradoc
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