Reading French Occupations

When transcribing documents where the originator was francophone special care should be taken to accurately transcribe the occupation field.

There are some special concerns with regard to this column:

The following is a partial list of French occupations as encountered in the 1901 census of Ottawa/Carleton:

Artiste artist Avocat lawyer
Barbier barber Boucher butcher
Boulanger baker Briquetier brickmaker
Carrier quarry worker Cellier storekeeper
Charetier teamster Charpentier carpenter
Chauffeur railroad fireman or driver Cocher coachman
Colporteur commercial traveller (travelling salesman) Commis clerk
Commis de malle postal Clerk Commis-hotel hotel clerk
Commis-Marchant sales clerk Commissionaire agent
Conducteur conductor Contremaitre foreman
Cordonnier shoemaker Couturier dressmaker (male)
Couturière dressmaker (female) Cuisinier cook (male)
Cuisinière cook (female) Électricien electrician
Épicier grocer Étudiant student
Fermier farmer Ferblantier tinsmith
Forgeron blacksmith Géologiste geologist
Hotellier hotel keeper Imprimeur printer
Ingenieur engineer Jailleur jailer
Journalier day laborer (male) Journalière day laborer (female)
Journalist newspaperman Journaliste newspaperwoman
Laveuse washwoman Libraire book seller
Machiniste machinist Marchant merchant
Masson mason Mécanicien mechanic
Menuisier joiner, cabinet maker Messager messenger
Minier miner Modiste hair dresser
Musicien musician Notaire notary
Peintre painter Pharmacien pharmacist
Platrier plasterer Plombier plumber
Postillon coachman Reparation handyman
Restauranteur restaurant owner Secretaire secretary
Servant servant (male) Servante servant (female)
Tailleur tailor Tailleuse tailoress


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