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Contributors to the Cobban Family Tree

Contributors to the Cobban Family Tree

Compilation Of The Family Charts

The original work on the chart was largely collected and outlined by Audrey Cobban on a mammoth chart which covered a wall of the community centre in Caradoc. This was later computerised and coded by Don Cobban in 1990 with constant additions, corrections supplied by a number of family members, of which this is an incomplete list.

To contribute to this family tree register as a contributor by clicking on the Contribute button at the top right corner of any page and follow the instructions to register. Once you have registered you will be given the option to contribute to portions of the family tree whenever you view an individual page.

Code Correspondent Address Telephone
C 11
C 12 Norman Cobban 17 Westmount Dr.Penrith NSW Australia 2750 cobtree@bigpond.com
C 131 Rita MacIntosh 16 Hawthorne Rd Elgin Scotland IV30 1PG +44-1-343-54325
Rita Robertson 2 Inchberry Place Fochabers Scot IV32 7DL +44-1-343-820525
C 133 Margaret Cornwell 4 Diane Lane E. Northport L.I. NY USA
Jim Orr 30 Cypress St South Farrington NY USA
C 136 Mark Southard 237 Central Ave Whitefish MT USA 59937 +1-486-862-3411
C 17 Audrey Cobban R.R.#5 Mount Brydges ON Canada N0L 1W0 +1-519-264-9263
C 171 Myrtle Hastings R.R.#4 Denfield ON Canada N0M 1P0 +1-519-225-2164
C 174 Donald Cobban 964 Jalna Blvd Londson ON Canada N6E 2R3 +1-519-686-3677
C 20 ? Forsyth
C 40 ? McHardy
C 50 ? Cobban
C 60 William Cobban Box 873 Evanston WY USA 82931-0873
C 62 ? McRae
C 634 Barbara Collins 1796 Capriline Mentone Ca Usa 92359
C 635 Robert Cobban Box 186 Winston Nt Usa 89647
C 637 Betty Cobban R.R.#5 Mount Brydges On Canada N0L 1W0 +1-519-264-1438
C 65 Riddell Robert Terriere Denver Colorado
C 66 ? Miller
C 664 Campbell Mccallum
C 67 Kay ?
C 682 Bruce Chisholm R.R.#3 Melbourne On Canada +1-519-264-2207
C 683 Betty Fletcher R.R.#1 Melbourne On +1-519-289-5937
Catharine Eichenberger 68 Peter St., Melbourne On Canada +1-519-289-2123
C 684 Wilma Kirkpatrick 1910 Four Oaks Milford MI USA
C 69 Burchett ?
W 6 Ross William Wilton Fredericton, NB, CA rwilton@nbnet.nb.ca
W 513 Duncan Ross Wilton Red Deer, AB, CA


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