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This website provides a broad range of genealogy related services, generally focussing on, but not limited to, south-western Ontario.

This site focuses in particular on Canada, so there are a number of special services for collecting, distributing, and managing genealogical information for Canada. These comprise:

  1. Transcriptions of parts of the censuses of Canada from 1851 to 1911. These transcriptions cover more columns of the originals than are available from other sites, and can be searched using a lot of ways that are not supported. For example you could search for all Butchers in an area, or for Chinese individuals, or for members of the Swedenborgian church. Although the completed portions of the transcriptions are largely limited to south-western Ontario, the service itself supports the entire country, and again can be contributed to by many people through a web interface.
  2. Transcriptions of thousands of birth, marriage, and death registrations for the province of Ontario. Although Ancestry provides a much more complete transcription, access to their service is by subscription, and the service on this site provides more search options. The transcription service supports contribution from volunteers through a web interface.
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