Genealogy: Help

This website provides a broad range of genealogy related services, generally focussing on, but not limited to, south-western Ontario.

All pages in this web site include a header and trailer section. These sections display the hierarchy of web pages leading to the current page, so you can quickly move back up the tree toward the top. In addition the trailer section contains a link to send a message to the site administrator regarding the page.

The most important element of the header is the button displayed in the upper right corner of the page. This button tracks your status as a user of the web site. When a user first enters the web site this button displays the text Contribute. Clicking on the button displays a user signon/registration dialog. Identifying yourself to the web-site makes many additional features and services available. Once you have signed on this button changes to display your user name. If you click on the button now it takes you to an account management dialog.

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