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This page is used to search for and manage citations independently from the individuals or facts that they document.

At the top the page reports the number of citations that matched the current request, or identifies missing information from the last request made.

The "Event Type" selection list is used to limit the response to citations to a particular type of event or fact. Most citations are to generic events associated either with an individual ("Event") or a family ("Marriage"), however the site inherits information in which facts or events are recorded in a non-standard way. For example the birth of an individual may be recorded either as a birth instance of a generic event, or as the birth attribute of an individual.

The "Master Source" selection list limits the response to citations to a specific document. You must select a master source.

The "Pattern" input field is used to search all of the citations matching the "Event Type" and "Master Source" for those citations whose "page" field matches a pattern. The pattern is specified as a Regular Expression. For example entering "page" matches all citations whose page field contains the string "page". Specifying "^dist" matches all citations whose page field starts with the string "dist". Specifying "\d$" matches all citations whose page field ends with a decimal digit. This search is insensitive to the case of letters.

The matching citations are listed in a table with two columns. If there are more matches than can be displayed at once this is preceded by a line which describes what portion of the matches is displayed and provided links for moving backward and forward through the result set. You can also use the PgUp and PgDn keys to move through the set.

A link to a record in the family tree The identification of the specific page in the source

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